Discretionary Awards

Step 1: Applicant Login and Registration

Step 2: Click Apply
Click on Discretionary Awards (by nomination only)

Step 3: Questions, Introduction Letter and Upload 501c3 (PDF)

Q1. Project/Program Name
Please enter the project name or program for which the discretionary award was nominated. If the discretionary award is for General Operating Support, please only enter General Operating Support.

Q2. Amount Requested

Q3. Grant Purpose
Choose the area that best represents the organization’s request.
General Operating Support
Program Support
Capital Support

Q4. Category
Choose category that best represents the project or program for which funding is requested.
Human Services

Q5. Boroughs: yes or no
Does the program operate in Brooklyn?
Does the program operate in the Bronx?
Does the program operate in Manhattan?
Does the program operate in Queens?
Does the program operate on Staten Island?

Q6. Discretionary nomination
Please select the name of the board member nominating the award.

Q7. Introduction Letter (2,000 characters maximum)
Provide a brief introduction of the organization including the Executive Director’s name and contact information. It is recommended to use MS Word and then copy and paste text to the Cover Letter section.

Q8. 501(c)3
Is the organization isn’t in Guidestar, please upload the organization’s 501(c)3 determination letter as a PDF file (2MB file maximum).

If you do not have this document in digital format, you can convert it to a PDF by using the Fax to File utility found in the left red column.

Click Save as Draft to save and review.

Click Submit once all sections are completed.